Toontown Rewritten

Unlimited Launcher has been out for about a month now for Toontown Infinite. Since then we have seen 600+ downloads and 300+ people online using the launcher at all times (that’s almost 50% of TTI’s players). Back when I first announced the project I put out a survey asking if you guys are interested and what server you primarily play on. A whopping 52 of you said you wanted it for Rewritten, and when you think about it, only 57 of the responses played Infinite, so statistically there’s over 500 of you who want to give Unlimited a go!

If you aren’t sure what Unlimited is, it is a custom launcher for Toontown, for more information I have a blog post here for you to check out.

So what I’m trying to get across here is do you Rewritten players want us to put out an Unlimited build for Toontown Rewritten? It won’t have anything to do with Infinite as requested by joey19982 . Please comment on this Reddit post to show interest, and complete this the survey below to show your support and sign up for a mailing list. Thanks and stay Toontastic!


Please fill out this survey to provide analytic data to us regarding Rewritten support.


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