Unlimited Launcher

What is Unlimited Launcher?

Unlimited Launcher is a project developed by toons who wanted to give a little back to the Toontown community because it has given us so much. Instead of making another private server to compete we decided to create a fully featured launcher to supplement the already existing private servers. So far we have support for Toontown Infinite but we plan on adding support for other servers, including the upcoming Toontown Legacy. We really hope this is a way to unite the split in the communities, you have the TTI players, the other group and the wild cards who support upcoming servers, someday maybe we can all be just Toontown players, and I really think Unlimited is going to be a step in the right direction.

Who is making Unlimited Launcher?

Our team is composed of 3 core people with a few other guys providing community management and general technical support. The first I would like to name is Atlas. Atlas is the Lead Programmer for Unlimited and is the creator of many of the awesome features like the grouper and the content pack switcher. The project would not be possible without Atlas, and he is a huge asset to the team. Another one of our core members is Relltrem. Relltrem is a moderator for Toontown Infinite and also our designer. He brought you the pretty GUI you get to enjoy every time you open the launcher, and he has many more designs on the way. My name is Gigglescooter, I created the project and am one of the programmers. I manage this website and a lot of the bug reports, plus I’m in the IRC often to help you guys troubleshoot. I like to get down and dirty in the code as often as possible, but I’m a really busy toon and don’t have much time to work on it. I would also like to give  the moderators of the IRC some attention, they really helped to shape the community, and bring in more users. I would also like to point out that the Toontown Infinite team has been a gigantic help getting this off the ground and providing support with making this launcher as smooth as possible.

What does Unlimited Launcher do?

Unlimited Launcher does a bunch of stuff, and its only in Beta! Instead of making you read through all my rambling to find out what it does, here’s a simple bullet list.

  • Launch Toontown Infinite
  • Faster than Official Launcher (according to our testers, no actual comparison has been made)
  • Switch Content Packs Easily
  • Update the Launcher
  • Update the Game
  • Group Finder
  • Save Password and Username (3DES Encryption)
  • Helpful Links
  • News Feed
  • Prettyful GUI
  • Less Crashing then Official Launcher

What features do we have planned?

  • Improved GUI
  • Faster Launcher
  • Support for Other Servers
  • Multiple Account Saving
  • Changeable Graphics Renderer
  • Customized Themes
  • More Content Packs
  • Bug Fixes

What does it look like?

How can I trust you?

We generally have nothing to gain by stealing your password, if we did. I mean it is a free online game. All of your passwords are saved locally, they never leave your computer and they are encrypted with the 3DES standard.

That’s all awesome! How do I get it?

You can download it right now by heading right over to our downloads page.


How can I support the team?

I’m always open to community support and the best way you can do that is to tell people about the launcher, hang out in our IRC #UnlimitedLauncher on GameSurge, and test out the launcher and report bugs here!

blindsight give me access to #unlimitedlauncher –gigglescooter


September 6 Update

So this is the first blog post I’ve made regarding Unlimited Launcher. Actually, it might be the first blog post I’ve ever made. But thats not important. So I wanted to make a daily video showing off what we’ve done for that day, but videos are hard to make and when I rush they look awful. So starting today I’m going to be doing daily blog posts to let you guys know what we have gotten done.




Today we ran into an issue, our server host is currently down. That’s bad because it means the group finder and auto updater is broken. We had to put out a temporary download  so you guys can still test the launcher without having to use any features that rely on our server. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope the server is back up soon. Our host left us with no ETA.

You can download the temporary launcher in our downloads page.




So I am Gigglescooter in game, I’m one of the programmers working on the launcher. Today I did a bunch of boring stuff that you probably don’t care to read about, but you will care when you use it. I rewrote the launch game method, in a way that will allow it to launch the game faster than Unlimited did before (and faster than the official launcher) and it will be easier for us to update if we figure out ways to make it even faster. I also added an options page, allowing you to pick which browser you want to use (will be explained more in Relltrem’s section) and letting you pick where you have TTI Installed. That is helpful because if you didn’t install TTI in your program files, you can easily type in your new directory and continue to use the launcher. I have plans to make this more user friendly soon.




Atlas is one of the programmers here working on the Unlimited launcher. He has been here pretty much since day one and the launcher wouldn’t be in the state it is in today without him. He is responsible for the group tracker, which is currently down due to the server, but when the server isn’t down, its definitely awesome! He cleaned up a lot of code today and made group tracking faster. He also made it so that 32 bit users can launch the game! He enabled the password saving method so you guys can save your passwords now.   He’s been working hard to get the server back up as soon as possible for you guys! Atlas also finished up a client updater making it able to do every single thing the official launcher can do and more! The client updater will be rolling out shortly.


This is the fun part with colors and pictures :P. Relltrem is a moderator at Toontown Infinite and he has recently joined the team as a designer, and he has definitely made the launcher look sexy. As of yesterday, he completely recreated the UI to look toontastic, and today he’s working on custom buttons and removing that ugly windows forms border. He added a custom web browser for those who prefer to not open links in their default browser, which can be found in the options window. Here’s some pictures of what he did today:

New close and minimize buttons, the green is when the mouse clicks or highlights it.

Redesigned buttons for the bottom dock

a new Play button


One thing I wanted to throw into this section is that Joshsora, a developer at TTI, fixed the News API so it automatically updates with new posts. This wasn’t specifically for Unlimited (even though were the only ones who use it) but just thought I would add it to the post.


A big thank you to all the people who have been actively testing and reporting bugs for Unlimited Launcher. If you didn’t know, there is a brand new bug reporter on this website, you can get to it by clicking here.

Daily Poll

I just wanted to throw in a poll every day to collect some information to help shape the way the launcher is made. So here is today’s poll: